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DIY Simple gate latch

My Husband came up with this idea and it has proved useful with American guinea hogs (agh).

The first reason is that the gate can be opened with one hand and a bucket of feed in the other… The second reason is that agh’s are a docile species of pigs but when food or love is on the other side of the fence have love will travel; additionally, traditional gates have a chain latch system and our pigs can lift with their snouts and they can put their hips into it! This device prevents the pigs from pushing up.

Things you will need

1. 8-1/2-in Gate Hinge or 1/2 by 8 in wood lag

2. piece of half inch sucker rod or other handle material as you have handy


3. Weld two pieces together at a 90 degree angle your gate latch is complete

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